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  • BurglarDebuff your foes, while dealing respectable damage using cunning and guile.
  • CaptainSupport your allies with heals and buffs, while still dealing respectable damage.
  • ChampionWade into battle dealing significant damage to many foes at once.
  • GuardianWear heavy armor and protect your more fragile allies by forcing your enemies to attack you.
  • HunterFire volleys of arrows to devistating effect, quickly killing foes one at a time.
  • Lore-masterConcentrate on supporting your allies, primarily by hindering the foe's ability to deal damage.
  • MinstrelKeep your allies healed and supported with special Ballads and potent Anthems.
  • Rune-keeperHarness the elements using rune-stones and focus on damage or healing during each battle.
  • WardenUse javelins and Gambit abilities to protect your allies and defeat your foes.
  • ElfTall and strong, fair and graceful, Elves have keen senses and a deep affinity for the beautfy of the natural world around them. Throughout the ages, the deeds and struggles of the noble race of Elves have been entwined with the very history of Middle-earth. They remember all to well the devastation caused by the tides of evil that once darkened the land - a shadow which threatens to do so once again.
  • Race of ManCapable of great courage and honour; yet they can also easily fall prey to ambition, deceit, and betrayal. Known simply as the "Big Folk" to the Hobbits of the Shire, Men are characterized by a large, strong frame and a driving will borne out of a relatively short life span.
  • HobbitIn these dark days it is the unassuming Hobbits, with their often surprising adeptness of both word and action, that will have the greatest impact in the war between the Free Peoples and the lengthening Shadow from the North.
  • DwarfThe stout Dwarves of Middle-earth are known for their stead-fast determination, hearty strength, and commitment to all things found in the world's deep places. They are excellent warriors and master craftsmen, displaying unique toughness in battle and the ability to create great things.